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Assessment in primary schools changed significantly in 2016 in line with the changes seen since 2014 via the New National Curriculum. A new 'expected standard' has been decided, which reflects a higher standard than in 2015 (assessments in 2015 were for the old National Curriculum). Key Stage 2 results are no longer reported as levels (e.g. Level 4 or Level 5) as each child receives their test results as a scaled score from 80 - 120 and teacher assessments based on the standards in the new framework. A high score is 110 or above.

NEW - Results for 2017 - please see below the School's results (unvalidated data) for 2017:

Results 2017


Please open the document below to see a summary of the School's 2016 performance:


Performance Data 2016.pdf 


School Performance Tables

​You can compare our school's performance with that of others using the link below:

School Performance Tables​


For more information about school performance and performance tables please visit:​