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​​​​​​​Welcome to Stiperstones Class!

Class Teacher - Mrs Kate Gregory

This term Stiperstones going way back in time to the prehistoric era, as we investigate the homes people lived in and how they changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, and eventually right up to the present day. We have begun our topic by looking at significant houses and homes today and looked at some of the houses of the rich and famous! Over the course of the topic we will find out how historians use primary sources to find out about how people lived in the past, and have a good go at deciphering primary sources ourselves. We will enhance our learning with a visit to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre at the end of February.

As far as possible we are going to link our learning in English to our topics, including Science. First of all we are looking at explanations and instructions and are carrying out a range of experiments from the Marvin and Milo website, that children can also access at home. We are also going to be developing opur story writing skills, along with learning about How to live like a Stone Age Hunter. This term we are trying a new style of Guided Reading, where we will be sharing a text as a whole class and developing our understanding and comprehension skills. Our first text is Mary Poppins.

Science this term is Sound, followed by Light. We have already begun by taking a walk around the school to  identify the loud and quiet areas. We will find out how sound and light travel and carrying out a range of investigations to support our learning.

P.E. will be on Mondays and Thursdays and this half term will include gymnastics and games.

Our art links to the topic as we explore prehistoric art. We will be creating our own cave paintings using a variety of media and we will be making our own paint using prehistoric methods and ingredients. In the second half term we will change from Art to DT as we carry out the Great Bread Bake Off, designing and making our own bread along with following bread recipes from prehistoric times to compare how the food has changed.

In P.S.H.E we are looking at all the things that make it good to be ourselves, exploring why we are unique and our special skills and talents. We will also learn about how to stay healthy by making good food choices. Furthermore, we are spending time this term learning about mindfulness and growth mindset.

Maths will see us looking at different strategies for calculations; mental, written and practical. We are particularly going to be looking at problem solving and reasoning as we develop our ability to work systematically and also explain what we have done and why. There is a continued focus on our times tables as we continue with our weekly speed tables tests.

Last of all, R.E. will see us visiting the church before Christmas when we think about what Jesus would think of Christmas today. Prior to that though we will be exploring the story of Noah's Ark and God's promises as we learn about 'What is it like to follow God'?

Thank you as always for your continued support with your child's learning at home.

Here's to a good term and start to the 2018!

Mrs. Gregory