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​​​Welcome to Wrekin Class!

Class Teacher - Mr Stuart Field

The Summer Term is a very important time in Wrekin class as Year 6 pupils prepare for their transition to Secondary School and the Year 5 students begin to move towards their final year at Bomere Heath. We will do plenty of transition work with the pupils to help them get ready for their upcoming changes - but please remember that if you are worried about any aspect of transition, please arrange to come in and see Mr Field.

Our main topic focus will be local history, incorporating trips to Shrewsbury to look at Tudors, as well as finding out about Bomere Heath's history at the Shropshire Archives. We will also look at the Battlefield area and history, as well as being guided by some aspects of local history the children want to find out about following our initial research.

In English work, pupils will be debating school uniform, SATS and mobile phones before writing balanced arguments, then they will move on to learn about writing short horror stories, focussed on tension, cliff-hangers and all things gruesome! I am looking forward to teaching the pupils about Stories from Other Cultures - namely Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves and Sinbad the Sailor, before finishing the term with some Fire and Ice Free Form Poetry.

In Maths we will continue to work on all areas of calculation, but this time a t a higher level, using bigger numbers, decimals, fractions, a focus on mental calculations, statistics, shape (perimeter, volume and area), measures and geometry. Our Science units are rather exciting - we will learn about Evolution and Inheritance - including variation, environments, adaptation, fossils and the theory of evolution - and then move onto a Unit about Animals and Humans, which looks at the circulatory system, how the body transports nutrients and water, exercise and the impact of drugs and alcohol.

PE work will centre around athletics and games - when children will practice rounders and cricket skills. We will evaluating, planning and making 'snacks on the go' in Design Technology, and in Art, studying how to artistically represent flowers. Computing work will see children learning about coding - how to design apps and games using Espresso Coding and Scratch on iPads and PCs in the Computer Suite. Our French work is all about using familiar phrases to describe our families, animals, our homes and people around us. Children will develop their oral, aural and writing skills 'en Francais'! Mrs Smith will be teaching music, when she will guide the children through a Unit of work about 'Our Community' - children will learn to sing, compose and play music to represent the community in a changing world.

RE work is focussed on Christianity this term with the pupils exploring what type of King Jesus is and looking at the conflicts and compliments  between creation and science.


Key Notes for Wrekin Class - 


PE -  PE is Thursday and Friday

Homework - given out on a Friday, handed in by the following Thursday

Spellings - Given out on a Friday, tested on a Thursday

Reading - At least 20 minutes per day


Thank you - if you need anything, please come in and see me or call Mrs Winwood to make an appointment

Mr Field, Mrs Norris, Miss Lloyd​