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​​​​​​​Our Aims

​​​The essence of our school aims has been generated by our pupils. These are their wishes for their time at this primary school. We aim to achieve these through our mission statement.

​​​These aims are kept on permanent display in the foyer and are as follows:

​​​​We want to be happy at school​​

​​​​​We want to feel safe and secure at school

​​​​​We want to be able to talk well with others

​​​​​We want to learn to be confident​​

​​​​​We want to learn lots of different things​​

​​​​​We want to know how we learn best

​​​​​We want to learn how to learn

​​​​​We want to learn to work with others

​​​​​We want to get ready to be a grown up​​

​​​​​We want to get ready for secondary school

​​​​​We want our school to look nice